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Virtual Sports Day

Sports Day is one of the great events in our school calendar and we couldn't

let a little thing like a global pandemic stop us celebrating together. 

So this year we’re going online...

Well done everyone for taking part in our Virtual Sports Day


Here are your special certificates celebrating your achievements in this unique Sports Day. There is a space to write your name if you want.

Bronze for completing up to 3 activities - download here

Silver for completing 4 - 8 activities - download here

Gold for completing 9 or 10 activities - download here


How it will work?
  • From May 29th until June 7th pupils can take part in a number of activities at home, you can choose to do one activity or all 9. As you complete an activity make a note of your score ready to enter it into the results form which will be available on Google Classroom (for Reception to Year 6) and Flipgrid (Nursery).

  • Every activity a pupil completes will earn 3 house points for their house.

  • If a pupil completes 3 activities they will earn a Bronze certificate

  • If a pupil completes 6 activities they will earn a Silver certificate

  • If a pupil completes all 9 activities they will earn a Gold certificate

  • All certificates will be available to download from this page on June 11th (the actual Sports Day)

  • There is also an extra 'fun' activity to build an obstacle course in your garden

  • Each pupil can send in one photo or video of them completing an activity or showcasing their obstacle course, these will be shown during the live Sports Day Show on June 11th. Videos and photos can be added to the results form or emailed to the class teacher.

The Sports Day Show
  • On Thursday 11th June, we will host a live show on our YouTube channel from 10 am.

  • Each class will have a slot when their photos and videos are shown and we hope to have their teacher on as well. During this slot, we will also share some results of the class. Times will be shared the day before once we have all the photos and videos.

  • At about 2 pm (time to be confirmed) the final results will be announced. There are 2 results, class with the most points and house with the most points.

Other information
  • It would be great if you are wearing your house colours when completing the activities.

  • Only one entry per pupil, this will be checked via the results form that gets submitted.

  • If you send in more than one photo or video only one will be used.

  • By sending in a photo or video you are agreeing for it to be used during the show on our YouTube channel.

  • To keep our children safe, if you choose to share your child's name in the photographs or videos, please do not include their surname. Videos or images that include surnames will not be included in the show.

  • We would like everyone to be involved so if you do not send in a photo or video you could put a sticker over any faces or make a poster on the app PicCollage using just words with any results or description of what you did.

  • No surnames will be used at any time during the live show.


Below are posters of all the activities for Foundation Phase (inc Nursery) and Key Stage 2 along with videos showing what to do.

If you have any questions, please email your class teacher.

  • Click on the images below to download a pdf version.

  • Scroll underneath the images for videos demonstrating each activity.

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 16.32.46.png
Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 16.32.27.png
Demonstration Videos
  1. Watch a playlist on our YouTube channel with all the videos arranged in order, click here.

  2. View individual videos here.

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