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Our 4 core superheroes

The new Welsh Curriculum was published recently in draft. An important part of this curriculum is what has been identified as the '4 core purposes'. These should run through everything we do in school with the aim to help the children become everything they can be.

We ran a competition a few months to design 4 superheroes and we had some great entries. 4 deigns were chosen by our ambassadors to be turned into our official superheroes. Mrs Westwood's husband very kindly agreed to turn the designs into professional images and last week we launched our superheroes to the school.

We now launch them to you, the parents. Keep an eye for them around school when you next visit.

Aled - Ambitious and capable, he is always ready to learn throughout his life.

Eleri - Ethical and informed, he is ready to be a citizen of Wales and the world.

Enfys - Enterprising and creative, he is ready to play a full part in life and work.

Harri - Healthy and confident, he is ready to lead a fulfilling life as a valued member of society.

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