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School Meals

Universal Entitlement to a School Meal

Newport City Council and school catering contractors Chartwells aim to ensure that every pupil in school in Newport is able to receive a nutritious, freshly cooked, mid-day meal each day.  All children in Wales who attend primary school are entitled to a free school meal. 

Food Hygiene Ratings

All school kitchens are inspected as part of the national food hygiene ratings system (opens new website). Follow the link and put in the school name or postcode.


Free School Meal Entitlement (efsm)

Families who claim certain benefits are encouraged to register for an 'entitled' free school meal.  This will enable school to access additional funding - this does not affect access to the free, universal provision.  For more information, please click here.


Meals are ordered in advance via ParentPay (by midnight the day before the meal is required).  
The following are available:


  • a hot main meal 

  • jacket potato

  • sandwich

  • a main dessert, or yoghurt or fresh fruit

  • salad.


Water is freely available at lunchtime.



All pupils in nursery and Reception to Year 2 receive one third of a pint of free cow's milk daily.  If you do not want your child to take up this provision, please contact their class teacher.  Unfortunately, non-dairy milk alternatives are not available. 

Menu and More Information

Visit Chartwells’ Dine at School website for more information.

Menus are also shared via ParentMail. 


If your child has an allergy to one of the 14 recognised allergens in the UK, please contact the school office for further information on this is managed. 

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