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Values for Life

At Charles Williams Primary school we recognise the major influence that school and individual teachers have on developing values of the pupils we teach. Our pupils learn important Christian Values at school from relationships, everyday classroom interactions from the examples set by teachers and more formal attempts to engage in values education.


At Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School, Christian Values are transmitted through:

  • The management stated the mission and aims of our school which is reflected in the ethos.

  • Teachers’ example and use of moral language, which helps pupils to internalise ideas of what is acceptable and not acceptable in the living, working community of the school.

  • The subjects of the curriculum.

  • Collective worship, which is an opportunity for the school to explore together Christian Values.

  • Learning that helps pupils to comprehend imaginatively the equal importance of other people and helps individual pupils in the search for meaning and the purpose of life.


Twelve Values for Life have been selected, with us focusing on six values each academic year.

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"Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love." Ephesians 4:2

Year A 

Autumn 1 – Trust, Autumn 2 – Humility

Spring 1 – Truthfulness, Spring 2 – Perseverance

Summer 1 – Forgiveness, Summer 2 – Responsibility


Year B

Autumn 1 – Respect, Autumn 2 – Peace

Spring 1 – Thankfulness, Spring 2 – Courage

Summer 1 – Compassion, Summer 2 – Justice


You can download a pdf information leaflet for each of our values which can be used at home should you wish to talk to your children about them.


Home school publication - Trust

Home school publication - Humility

Home school publication - Truthfulness

Home school publication - Perseverance

Home school publication - Forgiveness

Home school publication - Responsibility

Home school publication - Respect

Home school publication - Peace

Home school publication - Thankfulness

Home school publication - Courage

Home school publication - Compassion

Home school publication - Justice


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