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21st Century Learning

When we talk about 21st Century Learning, we are focussing on what children need to learn and how they need to learn in order that they become independent, autonomous, life-long learners. We aim to empower them to seek, evaluate and manage information to help them to achieve, succeed and become active individuals in society. We’re looking at making sure they are able to understand technologies and take advantages of opportunuties in their working and social lives.


Schools have always existed to teach children the skills and knowledge they need to live their lives. However the world is very different now to how it was even 20 years ago. According to research, 80% of the jobs that today’s seven year olds will do don’t actually exist yet. By the time our school leavers reach the age of 38, they will have had 14 different jobs. If we accept therefore that we cannot possibly give them all the facts and knowledge that they will need to know for their future, it follows that we must shift our emphasis to giving them the skills they’ll need to recognise and find out what they need to know.

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