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Distance Learning

Please find below an overview of the learning that we are offering while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Our learning plan is designed to provide some continuity in learning when children are not able to be in school and in front of their teachers and teaching assistants.

Our learning offer caters for three situations; firstly, when all children are in school, secondly, when some children are at home for a period of time while household members are symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19 and, thirdly, when a contact group is self-isolating. This is called our blended learning plan - we are combining learning in school and at home. 

Each week, from Reception to Year 6, learning will be posted on Google Classroom. This learning must only be accessed if your child is not in school - this learning is not homework.  Ordinarily, weekly homework will continue to be posted on Google Classroom.

When nursery children are not in school for a short period of time (situation two), please contact either Mrs Sperry or Mrs Hard via email who will share learning with you directly.

Download our Blended Learning plan.

Download our Distance Learning Extra Tools.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account for more resources.

Click on the images below to access our Core Distance Learning resources.

Click here to read a guide to Google Classroom for parents.

Click here to watch videos to support home learning.

Blended Learning Plan

If anyone feels anxious or worried about the current events the Childline website has lots of advice and support. Click the image below.

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Worship Sessions

While we are not producing any new worships at the moment all previous worships are still available along with lots of other videos on our YouTube channel and can be watched at anytime.

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