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Cymraeg Ail Iaith

Siaradwch Cymraeg bob dydd!


Croeso i bawb!


This is our Welsh page. Here you will find phrases, sentence patterns and fun games to play in Welsh.










Dyma Cennyn. She is our Welsh Mascot. Every Criw Cymraeg initiative across school is branded with Cennyn. Watch out for her across the school! She has some really important messages to share!


In school we follow the ‘Antur Anhygoel’ Schemes. The schemes are designed around the ‘Pod Antur’ resources developed by Tinopolis. Children are given opportunities to practise Welsh in a range of real life, engaging contexts. Year 3 follow Crad and Ffion around Wales and Year 4 follow Izzy and Dyfs around Wales.  In Years 5 and 6, we  follow Tom and Beca around Wales and beyond!

At Charles Williams Primary School,  we try to use as much Welsh as possible as part of the school day. Here are some of the phrases we can use on a daily basis.

Dyma ti - Here you go!

Diolch yn fawr - Thank you very much

Croeso - You're welcome

Bore da - Good morning

Shwmae? - How are you?

Prynhawn da - Good afternoon

Dewch i mewn - Come in

Mae'n amser Chwarae - It's playtime

Mae'n amser cinio - It's lunchtime

Da bo chi - Goodbye

Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw? - How’s the weather today?


Mae hi’n… - It is…

     Heulog - Sunny

     Wyntog - Windy

     Bwrw glaw - Raining

Pa siap? Par Shap? Which shape?

     triongl - triangle

     cylch - circle

     sgwâr - square

     petryal - rectangle

     seren - star

Pa liw? Par lew? Which colour?

     Coch - Red

     Glas - Blue

     Melyn - Yellow

     Oren - Orange

     Gwyrdd - Green

     Du - Black

     Gwyn - White

     Porffor - Purple

     Brown - Brown

     Pinc - Pink

     Llwyd - Grey

If we want to ask our teacher a question we should try our best to do it in Welsh. Use the guide below to help you.

Ga i ........ - May I have .......

pen - pen

pensil - pencil

pren mesur - ruler

llyfr - book

geiriadur - dictionary

rwber - rubber

naddwr - sharpener

siswrn - scissors

glud - glue

diod - drink

.............. os gwelwch yn dda - ......... please

e. g Ga i llyfr os gwelwch yn dda? - May I have a book please?

Rhifau Cymraeg - Welsh Numbers

     Un - One

     Dau - Two

     Tri - Three

     Pedwar - Four

     Pump - Five

     Chwech - Six

     Saith - Seven

     Wyth - Eight

     Naw - Nine

     Deg - Ten

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