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The total experience that any school offers its pupils on a daily, weekly, termly & yearly basis is known as the School Curriculum. Part of that is a curriculum which is statutory and set by the national government. In Wales, education is one of the areas or responsibility that has been devolved or delegated from Whitehall in London to the Welsh Government in Cardiff. Thus the National Curriculum in Wales is the statutory minimum content of any school’s curriculum offer in the principality.


At Charles Williams we plan and offer a very broad and vibrant curriculum way beyond the statutory National Curriculum which includes day trips, residential trips, sporting activities & competitions, class music tuition, after school activities, responsibilities and quite a lot more.

Whatever a school’s curriculum looks like, every school in Wales is required to assess its pupils against the National Curriculum at the end of Foundation Phase (Year 2) and the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) and to publish overall levels and report children’s attainment levels to their parents.


Pupils from Reception to Year 2 are taught a curriculum called the Foundation Phase Framework and at the end of Year 2 they are assessed against ‘Foundation Phased Outcomes’. Nationally, children are expected to achieved FPO5 in Language, Literacy and Communication Skills, Mathematical Development and Personal and Social Development. More-able children are expected to achieve FPO6.

Children from Years 3 to 6 are taught the National Curriculum (Key Stage 2) and nationally, are expected to achieve Level 4 in English, Maths, Science & Welsh (2nd Language). More-able children are expected to achieve Level 5 or above.


In this section you can view links to the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 documents. As well as giving you an understanding of the minimum requirements of what content and skills range the children should be learning about, the documents contain the outcomes and level/outcome descriptors that teachers use to assess pupils on an ongoing basis and at the end of their phase / key stage.

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