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Our worship sessions

During this current period of uncertainty when the majority of our pupils are not in school we wanted to do something to bring the ethos and spirit of our school to their homes so we came up with the idea of putting on 3 worships each week that would be available to watch at home. The original idea was to do them live but this became unrealistic so we now pre-record them and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am on our YouTube channel a new worship goes live.

As I write this we have put on 25 worships and the plan is to keep going as long as is needed. We absolutely love putting them on and staff from across the school have presented and taken part. The feedback from everyone has been lovely.

Our Easter worship which went out on Easter Sunday was particularly special. We have also covered topics from being kind to water and sharing a story to rainbows. Each session is about 20 minutes long (although some have overrun) and include stories, songs and lessons linked around the theme.

As a school we have been a big fan of iSingPop and they have visited school twice to teach us faith inspiried songs and they very kindly gave us permission to use their songs in our worships. The children love these songs and it has been a real boost being able to broadcast these into the homes of our pupils who can sing and dance along.

All our worships can be viewed at any time and are available on our YouTube channel.

There is a playlist with all the worships in one handy place,

Watch one of our favourite worships here,

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