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What a term... (Foundation Phase)


What a fabulous term we have had! Our topic ‘Fur, Feather and Claws’ has been amazing! We have enjoyed going on a Bear Hunt using sensory trays, learning about owls and sorting animals that come out in the day and the night. We have enjoyed reading lots of fabulous stories including Stellaluna, Owl Babies and The Gruffalo, alongside lots of counting and mark making activities. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the outdoors on ‘Wellie Wednesdays', looking for signs of autumn and crunching in the fallen leaves!’ We have had lots of opportunities to explore our values of trust and humility this term through stories, drama and creativity. We finished the term with our wonderful ‘Sing-a-longs’ where we told the Christmas story through song. Nursery would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020. Our topic for next term is ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Year 1 - Fur, Feathers and Claws!

We have had a fantastic first term in Year 1! Our topic began with a visit from a bear, although we couldn’t find him at first… we only had a letter and some clues. We enjoyed learning about the different types of bears in the world and we created a tally chart to represent how many we found around the school. We then transferred our data and put it into a bar graph. It was time to get mucky when we made our bear pictures using mud. They were awesome! Using our pupil-voice shared our ideas to decide what we wanted to learn about next, we were very interested in owls and other nocturnal animals. In literacy, we read a story called ‘WOW said the owl’ and did some lovely descriptive writing using adjectives. We loved reading ‘Dear Zoo’ this term. Each day we had a different parcel to unwrap… our favourite surprise was a puppy! In P.E. we had lots of fun creating the movements with our bodies for each of the animals. We slithered like snakes, stretched as tall as giraffes and stomped like elephants. We completed an experiment to find the best material for an animal shelter roof. Most of our predictions were correct! For the final part of our topic, we read some famous books by Julia Donaldson including The Gruffalo and Stickman. We made Gruffalos using clay and we have some incredible stickmen hanging up in our classroom. Thank you for your continued support! Year 1 Team :)

Year 2

We have had a great term! The children settled really quickly into Year 2, meeting their new teachers, new friends and their new classrooms. Each class in Year 2 has already presented a class assembly and have taken part in the Christmas concert. They have very much enjoyed being a creative contributor.

The topic that the children have been studying this term has been ‘Fur, Feathers and Claws’ and the children have been very enthusiastic about it! It all started when we went on a bear hunt in the forest school area in which they had a teddy bears picnic with their favourite teddy. We also listened to a variety of stories which consisted of ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘The Tin Forest’ and ‘Owl Babies’ The children really enjoyed these stories and wrote in a variety of genres about the texts.

We also made homes for hedgehogs in the forest school area and wrote instructions on how to make them. We discussed the best materials that we could use and we became ethical informed citizens because of this. We had great fun working in groups together.

We have discussed trust and humility and we are gaining a good understanding of these values which will help us develop and grow in life. We have also discussed advent and produced newspaper articles about the birth of baby Jesus. The carol concert in the church was wonderful and the children did a great job at singing. A wonderful end to the term.

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